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PVC patches are made to order and they’re flexible and lightweight. We make soft rubber patches, silicone labels, and soft rubber emblems. They are strong and full of color. Logos can be made in any shape as well. Our products can be used outdoors and last for years or more. Custom PVC patches are waterproof and can withstand the cold.

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PVC Patches Designed With Your Logo

Custom PVC patches are made using a soft rubber that allows you to create any shape or sized design from a logo. Designs can be made as small as 5/8” or up to 16” in length. The thickens can also be made in varied sizes from 1 mm to 4 mm thick depending on your logo. Standard thickness is 2.5 mm for a standard 2.75” patch. The surface of any design can be made with a 3D sculpted look. A Velcro© backing can be added to any design as well as 3m© adhesive backings can be added for a more permanent attachment.

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What are they made of?

PVC patches are made from Poly Vinyl Chloride. They feel like soft rubber and can be molded into any shape or size. When you choose us as your PVC patch maker, we will create a patch that tuff and durable.

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Free Design Proof

We’ve been making custom PVC patches for uniforms for over 25 years. Our artists will create the perfect design for you. Send us your logo for a free design proof. We will help you create the awesome 2D or 3D design with your logo.

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2D and 3D designs

PVC patches can be made with 3D  for a sculpted look. 2D designs can still have more than one layer but are missing the rounded surfaces.

We make custom PVC patches for tactical units, airsoft teams, and law enforcement

pvc velcro patches for uniformsWhat are the best attachment options for a custom PVC Patch?

  • Removable: Our patches can be made with velcro backing so you are easily able to remove them from any uniform.
  • Sew On: We add a sewing channel to every design. Sew your patch directly to your garment or uniform with a few simple stitches.
  • Permanent Attachment: We offer 3m adhesive if you would like to stick your patch directly to a product. Adhesive backing is not recommended for clothing for obvious reasons.

We design labels for outdoor products and sporting goods manufacturers


We make custom morale patches for police & fire, EMS workers, military units, and airsoft teams. We also work with you to make designs for that are used on backpacks, clothing, sails, uniforms and so much more! Feel free to request samples of our tactical gear patches.

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Velcro Patches & Adhesive Back

Custom PVC patches are designed and made with a sewing channel. If you are looking to use adhesive instead, we use a 3m adhesive to create a strong bond to most any surfaces. 3m adhesive will make an incredible bond and will be hard to remove. Soft PVC rubber patches for uniforms come with velcro backing. Velcro can be added to any order using a strong hook and loop backing.

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We are the trusted PVC patch maker for hundreds of police and fire departments.

PVC patches are extremely popular with police and fire, military and morale units, airsoft and paintball teams and independent manufacturers. We make soft rubber patches for the FBI, homeland security, sheriff departments, and border patrol. If you need a design made, we will create a proof within a day or two.

2D vs 3D VIDEO

What’s the difference between a Patch and a Label?

Patches and labels are very similar except in how they are used. The difference is, labels are smaller and thinner and are usually made with a sewing channel, so they can be sewn onto a product.  Labels are popular with tactical gear companies as they make great identification labels on any product. Rubber labels can be made with optional velcro backing or adhesive backing. Patches usually come with Velcro and are made for apparel and uniforms. Either product can be made in any shape, size or color and can be designed in days.

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Free Design Proof & Unlimited Revisions

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Designed For Your Company In Days!

The anatomy of a PVC patch

Custom PVC patches are made in days using your ideas and our artists. We will create your design and send you a proof. Here are some of the steps we use when creating a custom patch.

  1. The Base Layer: The foundation for the rest of the pin, the base layer accounts for the main color as well and is optional to be the same color as the border.
  2. The Design: Here is where the layering comes in! Layers of vinyl are placed on top of the base layer to create the image, lettering or design that is specific to your needs.
  3. The Sewing Channel: A sewing channel is created around your design in order to attach velcro.
  4. The Backing: This usually means Velcro, 3m adhesive.

Our Products Are Made To Last!

The Monterey Company makes strong pvc patches that are made to last. We have great service and fast delivery. With over 25 years of service, we bring you custom made patches that are tuff will last for years. Feel free to request a free design proof.

Monterey Company Review


I ordered lapel pins and PVC patches for my team and they turned out incredible. Professional quality and impressive attention to detail. Can’t say enough about the outstanding customer service, responsiveness to my questions and willingness to walk me through options. I will be using Monterey again!

- Dave Young

Why PVC  instead of Embroidery?

pvc patch archangel logoOne of the most asked questions at The Monterey Company is, “what is PVC ?”  When you think of patches, you may think of embroidered patches or woven patches. Although the old style embroidered patches have been popular since the 19th century and made popular by non-profits like the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Made of strong plastic ( Polyvinyl chloride ) they can be made in a multitude of colors including most PMS colors ( Pantone Matching System ) that can bring custom images and designs to life. They have a special durability that will long outlast their cloth cousins. Unlike cloth patches,  they are highly waterproof and will never fade, fray, peel or crack. This makes them perfect for use in the military, outdoors and sports, among many other uses.

Is it really an alternative to the old style embroidered patch?

PVC (also known as Polyvinyl chloride) is one of the oldest materials made by man and is used for many different products today. First created in 1835 by a French chemist named Henri Victor Renault, PVC is a certain type of plastic that feels similar to rubber and is known for its strength and weightlessness and can be made in any design, shape, color and almost any size imaginable! From as small as half an inch to as large as 15 inches, PVC is a high-quality choice for such a sensible buy. A popular choice for anyone looking for a material that can show their logo through rain or shine! Unlike embroidery they can withstand high temperatures, bad conditions and will never crack or fade. These patches will stay beautiful for as long as you need to wear them. Custom made with your design or logo, PVC patches can turn any image into a wearable masterpiece!

If you are looking for a patch manufacturer, you'll love our prices!

These prices are estimated and are based on a basic 3" design in 2D - 2 colors included. Sewing channel included. Setup charges and shipping charges may apply, please request a quote for an accurate estimate.

Request A Digital Proof And Samples!

Our minimum order for any of our products is 100 pieces but if you need a smaller quantity, just ask.

Freequently Asked Questions

custom pvc rubber keychains

Looking To Create A Soft Rubber Keychain?

Free art design and unlimited revisions!

If you would like to make a PVC rubber keychain, take a look at some of the designs we have created and request a free quote.

Learn more about the types of rubber keychains we can make with your logo. Made of the same quality as our custom PVC patches and made of the softest rubber and our colors are bright and won’t fade. Feel free to request samples of our products. If you are ready for the next step, let us create an actual sample with your logo. In a hurry? We offer digital samples if you need to see your design in a rush.


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