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Custom PVC Patches

PVC patches are custom made to order and are flexible and lightweight. We manufacture soft rubber patches that are strong and full of color. Durable for use outdoors and last for years and they are waterproof and can withstand the cold. This style patch is perfect for fire departments, police and law enforcement uniforms.

pvc patch with rooster logo
custom pvc patches

Things To Consider When Creating PVC Patches

First, take a look at all the options!

Thinking of creating your own custom company patch? Let’s take a look at a few of the most important things to take into consideration before placing your final order. There are actually several types of options you can choose from.

Next, decide the size and shape

There is really no limit when it comes to choosing the size or shape for your custom PVC patches. It is up to your imagination and needs. Pricing will depend on the height and width of your design.

Third, select the colors and the overall look of your art.

For example, if you want your company logo on it, it is crucial to choose the color options that increase the contrast. This will ensure that your image really pops.  

Fourth, pick the perfect embellishments

Fourth, pick the embellishments. There are a lot of options you can add to making your patch truly unique! Here are some you can choose from:

  • Glow in the dark: for those who what to be outstanding even in the night
  • 3D: Adding more depth and texture to the sculpted surface
  • Printing: for those who need to add extra detail
custom patch with logo

3" Patch Pricing

The prices below are for a 2D patch and setup charges vary depending on your design. Velcro pricing starts at $.40 each for 100 pieces

weapons school patch design

The final step is to choose from the right attachment

We have streamlined our process over the past thirty years, working with customers from all walks of life. When you select us as your manufacturer, you will be included in every step of the process. This will ensure you are getting exactly what you’re after. We use high-quality materials, top of the line equipment and technology, and talented and professional staff. 

  • Sew-on patches: a permanent way to add them to your uniform, hats or clothing, you can sew it directly onto clothes, jackets, bags, etc.
  • Adhesive Backing: similar to the iron-on, ideal on smooth non-fabric surfaces.
  • Velcro Backed: Add hook-and-loop fasteners. One part is on the back of the patch, and the other gets sewn onto the garment. This allows for easy removal. They can be attached in a number of different ways. 

How Is A PVC Patch Made?

A custom PVC patch is manufactured using soft rubber that allows you to have any shape or size. Designs can be manufactured as small as 5/8” or up to 16” in length. The thickness can vary from 1 mm to 4 mm thick depending on your logo. Standard thickness is 2.5 mm for a standard 2.75”. The surface can be 3D sculpted to add a unique feel.

Are You Looking for Wholesale Pricing?

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality at a wholesale price point. And because we want our products to be functional and accessible, we price your creations at the wholesale level. The pricing of your order will vary depending on the complexity of your artwork. You can be confident you are only paying for the materials necessary for your specific creation.

custom made pvc patches wing design
pvc uniform patches

Custom Logo Patches with Low Minimums & Great Pricing

We achieve this low price point by including a one-time charge at the beginning of the creation process, with which we create a mold that can be used again and again. From this mold, we produce your custom logo patches at our low, wholesale prices, establishing a partnership with you we hope to maintain into the future. Bulk quantities begin at 100 pieces, and the pricing will depend on the nuances of your artwork. We are happy to work with you in whatever quantities you feel are ideal for your business or organizations’’ goals. So if you are unsure of how much they will cost, or if the minimum quantity will fit into your budget, contact a member of our staff and request a quote.

We are a Custom Patch Maker and Manufacturer Specializing in 3D

Two-Dimensional - Two-dimensional images have multiple level surfaces, separating the different levels in your art through a layering technique that results in raised and recessed areas. This 2D effect is great for clean, simple designs, for logos with multiple shades of vibrant color and where the raised and recessed ridges work positively with the overall aesthetic of your creation.

3 Dimensional - Like the two-dimensional creations, three-dimensional art has multiple leveled surfaces and accommodates a wide variety of styles. But unlike 2D, our 3D images are rounded, with the varying colors that are capable of being on the same plane. The raises and recessions are not rigid, and the elements within your artwork can take on more life-like characteristics. The 3D technique is perfect for adding greater detail that a rounded or sculpted effect helps to achieve. Examples include facial details and landscapes, but working with one of our designers to decide the optimal effect will make this choice easy.

Here is what is included with every order

  • Velcro Backing

    The most popular backing is velcro. This attachment allows for strong adhesion, while still being interchangeable.

  • Adhesive Backed

    For attaching your pieces on non-clothing articles, using an adhesive is a great option. Attach to office doors, walls, tables, and or any solid surface. Creating a long-lasting sticker with dimension and versatility, in a way that can withstand the elements of weather and time.

  • What Are They Made Out Of?

    They manufactured from polyvinyl chloride and why they feel like soft rubber and they can be molded into any shape or size. They are tuff and durable.

  • Sewing Channel

    Sewing Channels are available, with tracks around the edge making it easy to facilitate stitching. This works best for articles of clothing or uniforms.

  • Smooth Back

    When creating a design that you can apply to a variety of surfaces, you have the option of no backing. Commonly applied on bar tops, and computer desks, but the possibilities are endless. 

  • Magnet Back

     Adding a magnet back is a fun way to transform your creation into a fridge or metal magnet. This adds a level of versatility, helping you reach broader audiences with your brand. Magnets are fun, and creative fundraiser gifts, thank you’s, and general awareness campaign pieces, and are both functional and effective tools for you and your business.

Velcro also known as hook & loop

  • Velcro can be added so you can easily be removed from any uniform, hat or jacket. Finished with a hook and loop backing to create a super-strong bond!
  • Sew On: We can add a sewing channel to your order. Sewn-on directly to your garment or uniform with a few simple stitches.
  • Permanent Attachment: We offer 3m adhesive if you would like to stick them directly to a product. This is not recommended for clothing for obvious reasons.
  • Custom Iron On Patches: The easiest way to apply a patch to clothing and uniforms.
pvc velcro patches for uniforms

Custom PVC patches are designed and fabricated with a sewing channel. If you are looking for an alternative backing, we offer a 3m adhesive to create a strong bond to most any surfaces. This will make an incredible bond and will be hard to remove. Velcro can be added to any order using a strong hook and loop attachment.

Weather-Resistant & Cost-Effective

The discovery of PVC is accredited to two 19 Century researchers, French chemist Henri Victor Renault and German chemist, Eugene Bauman. Upon its discovery, neither Renault or Bauman could have anticipated it would become the second most prevalent plastic, integral in all facets of the modern industry today. This prevalence of PVC products began when its usefulness was understood, showing up in everything from golf balls to shoe heels, and floor surfaces and shower curtains. And as it continued to be developed, its resistance to extreme temperatures and natural corrosion, as well as the cost-effectiveness of producing it, the possibilities became endless. It’s for these same reasons; the durability, the flexibility, the weather-resistance, and the cost-effectiveness, that they are a great product to promote your business, your organization, or your brand, just makes sense.

trojan helmet company patch

Our Products Are Extremly Versatile

Creating the perfect design to exemplify your club, business, or organization in a tangible way is just a part of our product creation. Because of the versatility of PVC products, you have many choices in the production and look of your logo. Deciding how you want your creation will be designed, and how it will be attached to your gear is essential for discerning the type of backing that is most appropriate for your project. We manufacture custom products for police & fire, EMS workers, military units, and airsoft teams. We can make custom PVC patches for backpacks, clothing, sails, uniforms and so much more!  

We make tactical and airsoft patch designs

pvc airsoft patch with goat logo

Products That Are Manufactured To Last

When you think of custom PVC patches, you probably think of an old Girl or Boy Scout embroidered emblem, with frayed edges, a cracked face, and weather-faded colors peeling off a well-worn jacket. We want you to think of something else altogether; something that has proven to stand the test of time, to fare whatever elements you and your outerwear are bound to encounter when participating in everyday life. They are flexible, durable, vibrant, and long-lasting!

Some of the Choices

Taking your brand from a simple idea to the finished concept. Send us a sketch of what you would like to have drawn up, and our art department will collaborate with you in choosing the best shape, styles, and sizes to bring your idea to life. And, because your ideas are as unique as you, the ways in which you can customize the aesthetic are nearly endless. Working with a member of our team to navigate all of your choices is fun, and is a fast process.

Molded Into Any Shape

PVC, or Polyvinyl chloride, is a type of plastic that resembles soft rubber, that is known for its strength and weightlessness, making it the perfect material to capture your design, guaranteed to hold its integrity for years to come. Additionally, unlike its cloth counterpart, they are highly waterproof, making it the ideal material for use in the outdoors, in athletics, in the military, and any club or organization that routinely is exposed to weather, sweat, water, and more.

Customizable Sizes & Shapes

Because our PVC patches are fabricated by using soft, malleable rubber, creating your pieces in any shape, and in a multitude of sizes and thicknesses is available. The size and thickness should depend on the intended use, who will be receiving the finished patch, and your overall budget. We are capable of creating artwork as small as ⅝”, as large as 16 inches. The thickness is also customizable, offered in varied sizes between 1 and 4 mm, depending on what would best suit your brand. Typically, our standard thickness is 2.5 mm for a standard 2.75” logo, but we will work with you in determining what is best for your overall concept.

Color Matching

We have more options than you can imagine, and we value the time and effort you put into your branding and want the integrity of the colors we add to exemplify that effort. Additionally, we are well versed in using the Pantone Matching System to duplicate your artwork.

Not only do we have an endless color palette, but we can also alter the aesthetic and feel of how those colors interact with one another by incorporating different dimensions into your logo. Varying designs better lend themselves to certain dimensions, so working with our talented artists to decide between two and three dimensions is key!

custom designed tactical camo patches
3d patch made from pvc
airsoft patch design
custom made dragons patch

Need More Information?

Request A Quote and We Speak To Your Dedicated Account Manager  

How long does it take to make a custom patch?

Our staff will collaborate with you in designing a proof of your ideas, choosing the best materials, dimensions, and backings to achieve exactly what you are looking for. After you approve of the complementary proof we provide, you can request samples of your finished product to ensure your ideas are properly translated to the finished product. Samples are recommended for larger orders, making sure you get the perfect product. Digital samples are also available if you don’t have time to wait for the physical samples. Whatever you option choose, by requesting a sample, you can be sure there will be no surprises when it comes to your final product.

custom shaped patch

What kind of companies order rubber patches?

Businesses, clubs, and organizations have been using our custom rubber patches for years. They are a fun, durable, and versatile way to promote your brand, to market for an event, to commemorate a fundraiser, or to celebrate an event.  Additionally, we manufacture for organizations including police and fire departments, EMS, branches of the military, and airsoft teams. 

We are the trusted PVC patch maker for hundreds of police and fire departments.

Our patches are extremely popular with police and fire, military units, airsoft, and paintball teams and independent manufacturers. We manufacture soft rubber patches for the FBI, homeland security, sheriff departments, and border patrol.

fbi swat patch

Fast Production & Rush Orders

When your proof is approved, your project moves into production, where we begin creating the highest quality materials and top of the line equipment. As a patch maker, we work diligently to be efficient without sacrificing any of the integrity of your logo. The time it takes to finish your artwork varies based on the shape and intricacy thickness of your image. Standard production times fluctuate between 2-3 weeks, but rush orders are often available with a small fee. And because you will be working with our staff along each step of the process. Custom PVC patches are manufactured in days applying your ideas and our artist's creativity. We specialize in being a high-quality military patch as well as designs for law enforcement and companies looking to promote their brand.

Is there an alternative?

An alternative to PVC patches has been the use of embroidered patches and it has been popular since the 19th century. PVC is a stronger product and fabricated with vibrant colors that can bring an image to life. Offering special durability that will long outlast their cloth cousins. They are highly waterproof and will never fade, fray, peel or crack. This makes them perfect for the military, outdoors and sports, among many other uses. Silicone is also a great option as it a bit softer and has a higher resistance to heat.

customized patches: Aquaman design