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Law Enforcement & Police Patches Designed In Days!

The Monterey Company offers free patch design with unlimited revisions. Send us your ideas and we will create a proof with your logo.

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We design custom printed patches in days!

We make custom screen-printed patches, stitched patches, and 3D rubber patches. We offer a free sample or proof of your patch design for your approval. This free art proof ensures your ideas look just as good on paper and as a finished product as they do in your head.

With so many options to choose from, there is no limit to the ways in which your logo can be transformed into a printed patch. Coming in any shape or size, your creation can be attached with the effective VELCRO hook and loop backing or through a sewing channel backing style. The hook and loop backing is your classic VELCRO attachment, allowing for the easy removal and reattachment of your logo patch. Alternatively, the sewing channel attachment style allows you to stitch your piece directly to the material on which it will securely stay.

custom pvc patches

Create custom patches in 3D

Additionally, add a pop of dimension to your uniforms, hats, jackets, and bags by attaching a custom-designed 3D patch! By using a larger mold, bring your lettering and logo into life-like dimensions, with raised and recessed areas in eye-catching detail. The 3-dimensional style is thicker than other more traditional patch styles, creating a fun, unforgettable product you, your customers, and your employees will love to wear.

We offer wholesale prices based on your design.

At the Monterey Company, we don’t overcharge you with retail costs for the products that enhance your business. Instead, we offer wholesale pricing on your unique order, pricing your large patch orders by the shape, size, and style of your logo creation. By doing this, we ensure you are getting the most out of your money, providing quality, affordable options customized to your needs.

By creating a one time only mold, you can order and reorder your patches without paying the extra costs of a redesign. And through pre-approving your proof, you can guarantee you’ll like the product you’re receiving, saving yourself the expense of not loving what you buy.

Looking for a custom police patch design?

We customize patches for police departments and law enforcement agencies. We can create a design for your department in as little as one day. We can add a sewing channel on our rubber patch designs and add velcro for your uniforms. We offer three additional police patch styles including printed patches, embroidered and woven patches. Ask for free samples so you can see the difference between our styles.

Need a reason to design a patch for your business or cause? Patches are used to celebrate victories within organizations and clubs, for recognizing company milestones, and to commemorate participation or placing at major events. These patches are collected and attached to recipients’ jackets, bags, and other significant items. If you’re interested in adding some flair to your classic patch style, take a look at our leather patches.

police patch

Pricing for Embroidered Patches


Patch Styles

Four of our most popular patch styles.

Custom Patch Designs

custom sports patch
custom pathfinder patches
octopus patch logo
custom lion patch
police patch
pvc airsoft patch with goat logo
crossfit patch
customized patches: Aquaman design
rubber cartoon patch
customized baseball hat patch
stitched security patch
Firefighter skull patch
custom patch design
Customized police patch
boeing pvc patch
custom patch design
custom designed tactical camo patches
custom made dragons patch
custom military police patch patch
weapons school patch design

Rubberized Patch Designs

Do you have ideas about transforming your logo or business name into an attachable patch for your uniforms, hats, jackets, and other significant items? The Monterey Company specializes in customizing designs, especially for your business and brand. For added style or weather-resistant durability, consider the traditional patch alternatives like embroidered patches and soft rubber patches.