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Custom Woven Labels

Woven clothing labels are a traditional way for businesses and brands to establish their involvement in the design or distribution of various apparel items. They are found on most clothing items people wear and add a professional, familiar touch to those items. They are made from closely woven threads, combined together in a simple, clear, and recognizable design. These labels are most commonly attached on the inside of customized shirts and jackets, on the backside of the neckline. An alternative to this location is the bottom corner of a shirt or on top of a chest pocket. Similarly, for pants, labels are often attached to back pockets or on the inside of the back waistband.

Make your own woven clothing labels by working with the Monterey Company. Start by sending us your ideas and designs, and choose from a multitude of color combination options. We’ll work with you to create the perfect labels for your hats or other clothing items, elevating your pieces with a classic and professional look. Decide how many labels you need and receive a complimentary quote from one of our experienced designers. Creating your own woven labels has never been easier. Reach out today.

beanie with woven label

Woven Labels For Hats & Beanies

Woven labels are the perfect way to leave your mark on apparel, hats and promotional items in a classic style. A far cry from the itchy plastic tags we’re accustomed to, beautifully woven labels are soft, professional, and can reflect your unique brand in the colors you choose and the design you create.

Woven labels can be attached on the inside or bottom of shirts, on hats or beanies, on blankets, bags, and on any fabric-based promotional items that could benefit from creative branding. They can include your logo or business name, and any other elements unique to your company or organization, like the year you were established or your defining slogan.

Custom woven labels are typically made with two or three colors and involve simple, clean designs, elevating the items they’re attached to. They can vary in style, either looped with only the ends stitched together and to the fabric, or flat, with the entirety of the label attached to its article. We also make custom woven patches that can be made in any size or shape.