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The quality of branding for your pin or patch is actually really important for your business.

This is a continuation of a series of posts detailing the finer points of branding your company?why its necessary and how the products created by The Monterey Company can serve you in building a thriving business with a recognizable identity.

After a company?s mission and values have been established, along with the motto or tagline that becomes the company?s mantra, what next? The foundation set by the mission, values, and motto is something that shapes the culture of the company. Everyone in the company will know what they stand for collectively and what it is that they do and why.

That collective awareness shapes every single interaction that the company has with the public, and when the mission is embodied by everyone consistently, then the message gets translated to the customer at least on a subliminal level. So the question is: how else can a company promote its brand and help support the message it’s trying to convey in a more solid manner?

In order to build an effective brand, it is important to convey a consistent and clear message. A strong brand is a well rounded one, in which there is a very specific look, feel and personality of the company. This is accomplished by the visuals that surround the product and the company. By this, we mean the use of logos, specific colors, typeface, and a creed. These are all important elements of the marketing package. Think of Coca-Cola. All one has to do is see the red color block with the white wave across it, without the name itself and it is clear to most people in the western world what the product is. This is powerful branding at its finest.

Most choose colors and symbols that relate to the company?s mission, or if there isn?t anything that readily symbolizes the company, then a designer can help with this by asking key questions that will help the image and logo come into clearer vision.

Once color, logo, and motto, or tagline are chosen, they can coalesce into an image that should then be visible on company stationery, invoices, website and gifts the company gives out. The Monterey Company has been creating promotional emblematic jewelry for over 8 years, and a couple of the items that work extremely well in promoting a company brand are lapel pins.

Lapel pins can be given out to both employees and customers. Special lapel pins can be used to signify years of service for dedicated employees. Fun yearly lapel pins with themes or appreciation messages are also wonderful to give as gifts to valuable customers.

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