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fight-like-a-girl-pinsWomen’s Rights day is the perfect time to raise equality awareness with custom pins, coins and more!

On August 26th, 1920 women in the United States won the right to vote. Today this might seem like a foregone conclusion, but women of this country fought long and hard to attain a 19th amendment to the Constitution allowing them suffrage. This movement propelled what is today still called the Women’s Movement, which strives daily to achieve full equality under the Constitution of the United States.

This day commemorates the achievements realized on that day and also as a rallying cry for countless political groups still dedicated to the cause of equality. Campaigns, education programs, lobbying, and awareness efforts are all in full swing for this day and into the election season.

Lapel pins, embroidered patches and in some cases key chains are all in high demand now as designers begin to put together their messages in an artful eye-catching manner. It’s amazing how such small tokens raise awareness and also serve as great talking pieces.

What business already know about branding, grass root political groups are learning en masse. Even political messages have a brand, and portraying it consistently with a recognizable image and slogan is key to spreading the message and having it be remembered.

This day, however, seems to transcend political party affiliation. As women from all walks of life in this country appreciate the ability to be able to participate in the democratic discourse of their country. For this reason, many regardless of affiliation will be wearing pins that speak to this gratitude.

Lapel pins and buttons that simply say “90th Anniversary Women Win The Vote” or some variation thereof will be made and worn by many women on this day across the country. It’s a significant day indeed and its one that needs to still be remembered and talked about, especially with the younger generation. The opportunity to discuss the shifts and changes that have occurred throughout our American history is one that is still teaching lessons.

This is one of the things that we love so much about branding, and the use of emblematic jewelry, and why we here at The Monterey Company share so much about these special awareness days with you. Not only are these days great for educating the masses, but it promotes conversation and connection. And that is empowerment. That our products help in this endeavor makes us grateful and proud.

And well, because I, this blogger, am a woman, I have to take a moment to jump up joyfully for a second and say a big, “Woohoo!” for the women that fought and fought and then fought some more for the right to vote. It’s a right I don’t take lightly.

s a right I don’t take lightly.

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