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Custom Lapel Pins With Your Logo

We have been making custom lapel pins for over 30 years. We bring your pin design to life in an easy and creative way, with all of the customizable features that you need! To start ordering today just request a quick quote - it’s as simple as can be.

Lapel Pins Custom Made To Order In Days

Making die-struck lapel pins is simple and begins with an idea. As a starting point, you have the freedom to come up with any custom lapel pin design that catches your fancy. From there it’s just about choosing which printing and finishing options will best suit what you're looking for in terms of quality or price point - all while meeting production deadlines!

What to Expect When Ordering Custom Pins

When our customers come to us for custom lapel pins, our experienced team will make sure every detail comes out just right so that message always stands apart loud & clear.

Free Custom Artwork and Design

Dedicated Account Manager

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Our Most Popular Custom Lapel Pin Styles

Our team of artists will help bring your ideas to vibrant life! We'll work with you every step along the way to ensure we deliver exactly what's been envisioned - plus, all of our products are backed by a quality guarantee and excellent customer service for peace of mind. Select from one of our popular lapel pin processes, including a full range of struck, and printed styles. Work with our sales team to learn what will work best with your insignia. Need a minimum quantity? A simple inquiry to our sales department will get your order started. 

Printed Lapel Pins

Whether you're looking for a way to show off the latest fashion trend or just need some enamel pins, our printed pin style is perfect. We offer screen printing, photo, and CMYK options so that we can get any design just right!

custom shape printed lapel pin
printed peace sign pin
full color printed pins

Soft Enamel

This style is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their style. The metal lines in your design will become the raised parts that stand out and the recessed areas are color-filled to below the surface of the pin. Add epoxy for a smooth-to-the-touch feel.

soft enamel pin with cutouts
fox designed custom pin

Hard Enamel

Create lasting keepsakes with hard enamel pins! Intricate designs are stamped onto metal, filled and polished in with vibrant and durable enamel paint, then heated to perfection for a glossy finish. Get creative by adding multiple enamel colors that will truly make your design unique.

university pins uc riverside-pin
hard enamel pin in custom shape
custom pins


Transform your vision into a lasting work of art with all metal cast pins! Make your design pop using this process, we make an intricate mold and fill it up with molten brass or pewter. Casting is the perfect way to customize your design giving you a low-cost unique piece that is sure to stand out. Add a back stamp struck into the metal for additional customization that could include your contact information.

cast dragon pin
cast dragon pin
custom design lapel pins


This custom jewelry-quality style is a beautiful and intricate addition to any lapel. These glass pieces can be fired at over 1800 degrees, giving them an incredibly durable quality that will last for generations!

custom cloisonné pins for landing zone specialists
custom cloisonné pins for blm
cloisonné pins for red cross

Trading Pins

Designed for trading at baseball games and softball games. Available with glitter, bobbleheads and sliders. They're also perfect for all kinds of teams including soccer, hockey basketball cheerleading - you name it!

screamingn softball custom pin
softball pin
crossing bat glitter pin

Ordering Is Fast & Easy

Creating custom pins doesn't have to be a complicated process - let us take the reigns! From the initial concept all the way through the final production and delivery, you'll find that developing an eye-catching pin can be fun and stress-free with our expert help. Browse our gallery for ideas on how we can make your unique vision stand out from any crowd.

We offer a Quality Guarantee!

Make your next awards event memorable with custom enamel pins! We have ten styles to bring any branding vision to life and customer service that can't be beaten. Whether you're looking for a free quote or ready to collaborate, our team is waiting – let's get the ball rolling today! At Monterey Company, you can shop with confidence knowing that every purchase is backed by an unbeatable 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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Request a Quote

Don't worry if you have no idea what type of custom pins to choose from as we have you covered. Speak to your dedicated account manager by requesting a quote, you can design custom pins that express your creativity and style, without worrying about where to start. Reach out to our helpful account managers today for assistance - they'll get you a quote tailored just for you!

See All Lapel Pins

With so many choices, you'll be sure to find the perfect custom pin for your needs in our amazing selection! Our gallery features all of today's most popular styles - explore and let your creativity shine.

custom pin backer card

Backer Cards

Get creative with our pin cards! Choose from a range of sizes and design your own look or logo on both sides. Our low-quantity options make it perfect for small businesses, teams, organizations - everyone!

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Our selection of custom attachments is vast and varied, offering something for everyone. Choose from rubber or deluxe clutches as well as safety pin backs and lockable backings to ensure your attachment meets all needs!

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USA Made

Whether you're in need of the perfect finishing touch for your company's apparel or crafting a commemorative gift, our custom-made lapel pins offer something special. Crafted with care right here in the USA, we provide an abundance of stylish shapes and finishes — from real gold to silver gemstones to sandblast backgrounds - that will make any occasion truly shine!

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3d eagle pin

Handcrafted Pins

With decades of experience in artistry and design, The Monterey Company understands the crucial importance of quality control. That's why each custom lapel pin is meticulously handcrafted by expert teams that take pride in their precision and accuracy - from creating perfect proofs to careful inspections during production. We guarantee you'll receive exactly what was promised; look no further for assurance that your order will arrive looking great.

Frequently Asked Questions

They Are Made In Stages

As soon as you upload your design, the first step in this process is turning it into a mold. We use industrial steel or copper to make the final product which can withstand high temperatures- meaning they'll never break or wear out! The result? A strong enamel pin that won't be bending when stamping against other materials. And with our super tough molds comes no need for trimming off excess metal because there isn't any!!

The Plating Process

Our pins are crafted to the highest standard with our signature electroplating process. We plate each pin with either nickel, black nickel or silver for an unbeatable finish. After this meticulous step, your custom pin will then get a final shine and polish before being presented ready-to-wear! The result? Durability that sparkles like never before - perfect for any occasion! Combine Printing And Die Striking


Crafting a piece of metal jewelry is an intricate process. It begins with sketching the desired design onto paper before translating it into its metallic form. The crafted metal then gets hand-struck, electroplated, and colored to complete the look; adding more finesse through engraving logos has also become a popular touch for those seeking extra flair!

Casting provides a creative and cost-effective way to bring intricate designs to life, though they may not always deliver the same durability or precision as other pin-making methods. With casting, it all comes down to the quality of your mold and how skillfully you cast – success largely depends on what kind of design you're going for!

Die Struck: They are made by die striking, an image is transferred into a blank by using a large press. This creates a custom pin with raised and lower sections for the final free design proof.

Custom Soft Enamel Pins: A soft enamel lapel pin is a type of pin that is made by filling recessed areas of a metal pin with enamel paint. The paint is then baked to harden it, creating a smooth surface that is slightly raised above the surface. Soft enamel pins are popular for their durability and ability to display intricate designs and multiple colors.

Custom Hard Enamel Pins: Add a dash of sophistication to any outfit with Custom Hard Enamel Pins! These high-end lapel pins, also known as Epola, are not only smooth and delicate on the touch but will have your friends thinking you splurged on something extra special. Show off some style - upgrade today!.

Offset printing: The most popular technique for creating a full-color design. They are the best for images where there are no solid lines between colors. We are able to match Pantone colors and we can print your insignia in beautiful full color.


    When you need your custom designs turned around quickly, we can help. We offer four options - printed pins style being the fastest at 2-10 days while soft or hard enameling, cloisonne usually take 10-17 days to produce. For a higher quality pin with detailed design work cast pewter or zinc alloy is available which takes 12-21 days production time From initial order placement through to final delivery our process allows for up to 3 weeks of turnaround time including digital proof review as well shipping packaging & transit times ranging from 1 to 5 days.

      The most popular styles of lapel pins include:

      • Hard Enamel Pins
      • Soft Enamel
      • Printed 
      • Photo-etched
      • Silkscreen printed
      • Offset printed
      • 3D cast/molded
      • Cut-out
      • Trading Pins

      The cost of lapel pins can vary widely depending on several factors such as the size and complexity of the design, and the type of pin. the materials used, the quantity ordered, and the manufacturing location.

      For example, a basic custom enamel pin personalized with a simple design and standard plating can cost around $.98 to $2.57 each for a minimum order of 100 pieces. A more complex design or additional options such as soft enamel or hard enamel can raise the price by 10 to 20%.

      Cast pins are an affordable option, prices can vary between $1.50 to $4.00 each for a minimum order of 100 pieces depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used. This is our best budget-friendly style compared to struck pins.

      Cloisonné lapel pins are a type of hard enamel pin that is made by filling recessed areas of a metal base with enamel powder, then firing the pin at high temperatures to harden the enamel. They are known for their smooth and glossy finish and are highly durable. The cost can vary between $2 to $5 each for a minimum order of 100 pieces depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used.

      Another option is USA made lapel pins, which are manufactured within the United States. These pins are known for their high quality and craftsmanship, but they tend to be more expensive than other styles, generally ranging from $2 to $7 each for a minimum order of 100 pieces.

      It's always a good idea to get a quote to get an accurate estimate of the cost of the lapel pins you are interested in. Additionally, you should consider the cost of shipping and any mold fees if you are looking for a customized pin.

      Butterfly clutches and rubber backs are some of the backings available

      We have a variety of accessories to select from. Butterfly clutches, rubber backs, and magnets are just some options for you!

      Here are the steps to place an order

      Monterey Company makes ordering custom lapel pins a breeze! Simply get in touch to submit your artwork, decide the size and shape of the pin, and pick out colors if desired - our design team will then create an art proof for you to review.

      Our friendly sales staff is available by phone or email with any questions about production; we specialize in providing factory-direct services for all kinds of organizations such as artists and designers, law enforcement, companies & schools – anyone looking for top-quality handmade pins.

      Through Monterey Company, you can quickly and confidently find us to be the perfect manufacturer for your needs - with zero hassle. Our team will take all the time needed to ensure that working together is a great decision; plus, we offer added assurance in our variety of American-made and oversea options. 

      Soft Enamel Pricing

      Quantity 100+ 200+ 300+ 500+ 1000+
      1" $2.57 $1.94 $1.43 $1.18 $.98
      1.25" $2.70 $2.14 $1.56 $1.33 $1.14

      Price Includes 5 colors, extra colors $.10 each

      Animal Skull Pin
      multi color pin design
      custom pink cat lapel pin
      cartoon characters pin