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Custom made pins since 1989

The Monterey Company has been making lapel pins for companies, clubs, and events for over 25 years. Above all, we bring your brand or special event to life with designs made just for you. Perfect as gifts, symbols of team spirit, or simply a unique memento, We take your logo and transform it into a beautiful design.

custom lapel pins in soft enamel

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Custom Made Lapel Pins Personalized With Your Logo

Ordering is Easy!

If your company is looking for the best service and the highest quality custom lapel pins, then you’ll love working with the Monterey Company.

Who Do We Make Pins For?

We work with artists, small companies, corporate clients as well as non-profits anyone looking for enamel pin maker. We offer a quality guarantee and ordering is easy! We can send you samples of our work, so you can get an idea of our quality and great service. Send us your artwork for a free design proof and we will create your design in days. We offer FedEx shipping of all our products and our service can’t be beaten! Give us a call and see for yourself. Our staff is trained to answer your questions when you call or feel free to email us as well for a free quote.

custom shaped pin on guitar

Ordering Is Easy

There are just a few steps to create a personalized pin design

  • The first step is to select the size you would like to make.
  • Next step is to select the enamel type you would like. Designs can use hard enamel, soft enamel, cloisonné or no enamel.
  • After you choose the size and shape, you just need to choose the finish. Most of our products are made from a bronze or iron as the base metal. Plating & finish options include shiny gold, silver, copper, bronze, pewter, antique finish and satan for a jewelry-like finish. After we review your design we can decide if we should die struck your design or cast it. Casting is a great option when it there are small cutouts.
  • Finally, a quote will be given to you and it will be based on all the options selected and the total quantity to be ordered. 

What is a customized lapel pin?

Customized pins are a versatile promotional product that creates fun and can be used for anything from corporate events to raising awareness about your favorite cause. They can have a professional look or even incorporate a more unique design. Wear them on your shirt, bag, uniform and more. The options are endless! One of the best things about a made to order design is that there are so many design types available. At The Monterey Company, we offer an array of colors, materials, finishes, and shapes to choose from. This ensures that you get exactly what you want based on the design you send in or what we design for you. They Can be used for a variety of groups, events, and more.

custom shaped pin

Custom Designed & Made In Days!

Plating Options

10 year custom hard enamel pins in gold


silver lapel pins with emerald gemstone

Shiny Silver

3d antique silver pin: warrior design

Antique Silver

antique copper custom lapel pins diver helmet design

Antique Copper

50 years of service pin in antique bronze

Antique Bronze

satin gold service pin: 50 year design

Satin Gold

Enamel Enhancements

glitter pin accessories


epoxy on lapel pin


transparen pin

Transparent Enamel

transparent enamel pins

Dual Plating

Curved Die

Curved Die


Enhancements include sandblasting the background, engraving, gemstones, plating options including gold, silver and copper plating. 

hospital recognition pin withemerald gemstone

Silver Plated with Gemstone

shing gold lapel pin with ruby's

Gold Plating with Gemstones

printed pins with engraving and gemstone

Printed Pin with Engraving & Gemstone

Cut Out Cast Pin

Cut Outs


Attachments include deluxe clutches, magnet backs, screw backs, safety pin backs, chain loops to a second pin, and more...  

custom pin with loops connecting second lapel pin

Chain Loops

lapel pin with two magnets

Dual Magnet Back

lapel pin safety pin back attchment

Safety Pin Back

deluxe gold flat clutch lapel pin attachment

Deluxe Clutch

magnet back attachment for custom pin

Magnet Backs

standard pin back attachments

Two Posts

2D vs 3D

2d vs 3d pins

Send Us A Sketch

lapel pin design

As a Pin Maker, We Make Unique Designs With Your Logo

The sky's the limit when making a pin from scratch. Send us your Ideas by requesting a free design proof and quote today!


Monterey Company Review

monterey company review

Send Us Your Design

Send in your design and we will handle the rest! Our designers will work to bring your idea or logo to life. We will ask you questions about the cut, shape, and finish that you want to ensure that you get the perfect design for you. As the leading pin maker source online, we at The Monterey company guarantee your satisfaction and stand behind all of our products. Our customers love their finished product! Need to order in bulk? No problem! We do large orders for companies, events, weddings, concerts, and much more.

Order Personalized Lapel Pins Today!

If you’re looking for the best services and highest quality customizable lapel pins, then you’ll love bringing your designs to life with the Monterey Company! With over 25 years of experience creating designs for businesses, teams, events, and individuals, we guarantee the best products you can find online. Ordering is easy, simply send in your design or artwork and our designers will personalize a design for you. Give the Monterey Company a call feel free to request a free art proof! Our staff is available anytime to answer your questions and we are even open half day on Saturdays to help you with your designs.

renaissance festival lapel pin
custom printed peace sign pin
2d vs 3d pins

Uses for a Custom Made Pin

If you’re looking for something unique to drive attention to your brand, team or event, we will create a design that will represent your brand beautifully.

  • Brand awareness & Corporate events
  • Sports teams & Trading pins
  • Music festivals
  • Fundraising & Non-profit awareness
  • Fashion  & Collector's items
  • Special Awards & Gifts


Have a Design in Mind? Get Started Today!

The Monterey Company designs customized lapel pins that are beautiful and unique - bringing fun to your business, event or fund-raiser. Whether you have a business logo and artwork in mind, we will help you make something that will last for ages! Increase company pride, commemorate a special event, or even as rewards for your sports team. If you can dream it, we can make it!n Not sure what you want? Send us a message to have our skilled designers work directly with you!

Ordering Options

The opportunities are endless! Personalize pins are a great way to show your team that you care - and create something that can last for ages. With a wide variety of types, colors, textures, and finishes, you can make your design exactly how you want them. Looking for enamel pins in a certain style? At The Monterey Company, our designs come in:

  • Designs can be made in any size
  • Custom Shapes
  • Unique colors
  • Stylish textures and finishes
  • 2D or 3D options
  • Shiny or antique look
  • Copper, zinc, metal, pewter, and more

Extra Features: Plating and Enhancements

There are so many options available - from colors to shapes, to plating and enhancements.

  • We use a broad range of base metals and processes; including bronze, copper, brass, stainless steel, zinc, pewter, and iron. What you choose depends on your budget and the look you are going for. As a pin maker, our products can be finished in gold, silver, or copper or any of our standard platings.
  • At the Monterey Company, we have made millions of designs for companies. We have a variety of lapel pin types to choose from and we will walk you through the best plating, enamel, and options for your design.

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What Styles Are The Most Popular?

hard enamel pin: leaves and beeries design

Hard Enamel

This pin resembles cloisonne as it is smooth to the touch giving this pin type a higher perceived value. Slightly pricier than soft enamel due to the of baking the hard enamel and polishing the enamel so it is flush with the metal edge. Offered in a variety of finishes including gold or silver plating. Upgraded attachments can be added such as deluxe clutches and magnet backs. Special packaging and gift boxes can be imprinted with your logo as well for an additional charge.

soft enamel winged lapel pin

Soft Enamel

What are soft enamel lapel pins? Die Struck into a base metal followed by adding enamel to the recessed areas. Dies can be either 2D or 3D and all die-struck enamel design are plated into a mirror-like finish. A soft enamel pin is die struck in either brass, bronze or copper and can be plated in an antique finish or a shiny gold, silver, copper or black plating. What makes soft enamel different is the enamel is lower than the raised metal areas around it, creating a textured effect.  View our soft enamel designs.

soft enamel vs hard enamel lapel pins

Soft Enamel vs Hard Enamel

The difference between these two types can easily be defined by the height of the enamel. In addition, soft enamel is recessed and hard enamel is on the same surface as the surrounding metal. Hard enamel is made to resemble cloisonne as it's smooth to the touch and the metal and enamel are on the same surface. Both types can be made with the same die/mold.

custom made keychain

Soft Enamel vs Cloisonne

A question we receive most often concerning our many types is, "what's the difference between soft enamel & cloisonne" The short answer is soft enamel has recessed enamel, while cloisonne is polished smooth. Similarly, these two types look very different from each other as cloisonne has more of glass-like look.

3d cast pin designs

Cast Pins: Great for all your small details

Cast pins are one of the best options whenever a design needs to be three-dimensional or has tiny cut-outs. Cast designs can be made using pewter or zinc and can include enamel.  Plating options include all of our antique finishes as well as our shiny gold, silver, and copper plating. This type is made using a mold and hot metal is poured into the mold, therefore, production time can be a bit longer than our other types.   View our Cast Pins

printed pins designed with three logos

Printed Pins: Can Be Rushed & Made in Days!

If you are in a rush to place an order, look no further we make full-color screen printed and offset printed design can be made in days! We offer two types of screen printed and offset printed. Both customizable types allow for color matching. If you have a super rush order, we suggest making your design as Photodome. For example, we can make full-color designs in days with no metal borders between the colors. Having no metal between colors allows us to copy your image perfectly  View Our Printed Pins

Let Us Create A Personalized Design For You

Custom lapel pins are a great way for your company to promote your brand or special event. They can be customized to include your company colors and personalized with a variety of finishes including gold or silver. They can be made for company giveaways, tradeshows, employee recognition and for service awards. Got a different idea? 

lapel pin artwork showing 2d vs 3d

We Offer a Wide Range of Customizable Options

Lapel Pins can be personalized and made into any shape or size. They are made by die striking metal or casting a metal alloy like zinc or pewter. Personalized designs can include enamel color or shiny and antique finishes. Furthermore, logos can be made into 2D or into three-dimensional shapes. The perfect custom-made design takes several details into consideration, including your event, planned usage, and your existing logo design. Our sales team will provide you with all of your design options including enamel fill and plating options.

Here's What Our Customers Have To Say!

I received the pin badges . . . they are in my hot little hand and they look great, thanks! ~SCRC National Director and it will go directly to St. Judes Children’s Hospital.

The lapel pins turned out beautifully. The enamel colors were brilliant and the epoxy over it made the color really pop! I would definitely purchase more items from this company. Working with my account executive Ashley, was a pleasure. She was patient and understanding and worked with me to meet my needs and deadline. I would highly recommend her for her professionalism and customer service skills. Thank you again for a job well done!~ Laura

“Of all of the vendors that we deal with (and there are plenty), you are by far the best, quickest, most polite and most responsive of all! Just thought I’d let you know! Have a great day!”~ Marcia

I just wanted to send you an emailing thanking you for your patience with me on designing/ordering the Miller-Davis years of service pins. They arrived today and I love them. I had a wonderful experience working with the Monterey Company and look forward to the opportunity to do it again. Again, thank you. Thank you,”~ N. Whitney, Miller-Davis Company


"look no further than the Monterey Company they’re really good people they’re really professional and the quality can’t be beaten!" ~ Mark Montano, Creative Director

The Monterey Company: Your High Quality Pin Maker Source For Design And Quality!