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Custom Lapel Pins With Your Logo

We have been making custom lapel pins for over 30 years. We bring your pin design to life in an easy and creative way, with all of the customizable features that you need! To start ordering today just request a quick quote - it’s as simple as can be.

Lapel Pins Custom Made To Order In Days

Making lapel pins is simple and begins with an idea. As a starting point, you have the freedom to come up with any custom lapel pin idea that catches your fancy. From there it’s just about choosing which printing and finishing options will best suit what you're looking for in terms of quality or price-point - all while meeting production deadlines!

What to Expect When Ordering Custom Pins

When our customers come to us for custom lapel pins, our experienced team will make sure every detail comes out just right so that message always stands apart loud & clear.

Free Custom Artwork and Design

Dedicated Account Manager

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custom lapel pins

We Offer Cloisonne & Soft Enamel Pins

Select from one of our popular lapel pin processes, including a full range of die-struck, and printed styles. Work with our sales team to learn what will work best with your insignia. Need a minimum quantity? A simple inquiry to our sales department will get your order started.

We create our products for recognition events awareness and for resale for your store or organization. Our prices are affordable and competitive and your satisfaction is our top goal. Manufactured to your specifications and delivered on time!

Our Most Popular Custom Lapel Pin Styles

Our artists bring your ideas to life. We will help you select the custom shape, and color to have your brand stand out. We will collaborate with you every step of the way so you get exactly what you have imagined. We stand behind all of our products and we have a quality guarantee as well as excellent customer service.

Printed Lapel Pins

Whether you're looking for a way to show off the latest fashion trend, our printed pin style is perfect. We offer screen printing, photo, and CMYK options so that we can get any design just right!

custom shape printed lapel pin
printed peace sign pin
full color printed pins

Soft Enamel

This style is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their style. The metal lines in your design will become the raised parts that stand out and the recessed areas are color-filled to below the surface of the pin.

soft enamel pin with cutouts
fox designed custom pin

Hard Enamel

This. style is perfect for the person who wants to take their design game up a notch. They're smooth and sleek.

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custom pins

Cast Lapel Pins

They are a fun and creative way to show off your personality, with the option of using different metals for an added punch. You can even make them into statement pieces by accenting their surface design.

cast dragon pin
cast dragon pin
custom design lapel pins


This custom jewelry-quality style is a beautiful and intricate addition to any lapel. These glass pieces can be fired at over 1800 degrees, giving them an incredibly durable quality that will last for generations!

custom cloisonné pins for landing zone specialists
custom cloisonné pins for blm
cloisonné pins for red cross

Trading Pins

Designed for trading at baseball games and softball games. Available with glitter, bobble heads and sliders. They're also perfect for all kinds of teams including soccer, hockey basketball cheerleading - you name it!

screamingn softball custom pin
softball pin
crossing bat glitter pin

Ordering Pins Is Fast & Easy

Ordering is easy and creating a custom pin for your company is simple and begins with an idea. Start your order by sending us your sketch or give us a call. From there, our artists will work with you to create your design. We have a wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes to select from.

Are You Looking For an American Made Lapel Pin?

We can transform any design into the perfect custom lapel pins in days. With decades of experience as pin makers, our artists are available to help create flawless designs. We have top-of-the-line enameling and metal finish to ensure your design stands out. Our designs can use real rose gold plating and have a jewelry look to them.

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Request a Quote

Don't worry If you have no idea what type of custom pins to choose from as we have you covered. Speak to your dedicated account manager by requesting a quote!

See All Lapel Pins

We have a wide selection of custom pins. We offer the most popular styles in our gallery for you to choose from.

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Service Pins

We make service pins in silver or gold metal and we can add faux or real gemstones. 

Service Pins
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Attachments & Backer Cards

We have a variety of attachments to choose from including rubber clutches and deluxe clutches, safety pin backs and lockable backings. 

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custom service pins

USA Made Lapel Pins

If you need high-quality custom lapel pins made in the USA, look no further! We have a wide variety of styles and shapes to suit your needs. We offer a real gold finish and silver-plated pins with gemstones.

Usa Made Pins

We Offer a Quality Guarantee!

Monterey Company offers an unrivaled 100% satisfaction guarantee on all purchases.

The Sky's The Limit When Making A Personalized Logo Pin

Make a buzz around your next awards event, and custom pins make a fashion statement with our ten styles to match any brand. We are confident that our work and customer service will impress you and that we can work with your specific needs. Email us or submit a free quote request for an estimate today!

custom bear with glasses lapel pin

Handcrafted Pins

With decades of experience in metalworking as well as other fields like jewelry designing; we know how important it is that every design looks good on its own without any extra tweaking needed. That's why here at The Monterey Company all of our custom lapel pins get handcrafted by expert teams who take pride not only in their dedication but also in attention to detail. As soon as the art proof has been confirmed, we'll start production on your order. Quality control and delivery are both inspected during this process to ensure you get exactly what was promised!

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Frequently Asked Questions

They Are Made In Stages

As soon as you upload your design, the first step in this process is turning it into a mold. We use industrial steel or copper to make the final product which can withstand high temperatures- meaning they'll never break or wear out! The result? A strong lapel pin that won't be bending when stamping against other materials. And with our super tough molds comes no need for trimming off excess metal because there isn't any!!

The Plating Process

Electroplating is where you add an outer layer of metal, like nickel, black nickel, or silver plating. Our pin styles are electro-painted but at different stages in their manufacturing process.Most of our pins receive step before it's finished with color because there isn't much else left to do other than give them that perfect shine; custom pins get one last polish after being made shiny by coating for optimum durability.


The process starts with sketching on paper and then rendering into metal through custom pin design work before being struck by hand into copper or a brass base plate that gets electroplated depending upon the final desired finish or other finish options. After which it is colored if required along with finishing touches such as engraving logos onto them (which has become increasingly popular).

Why Does Casting Make Sense?

Complicated images can be sculpted using a casting process. This allows for high-relief 3D. They are manufactured in bulk overseas to save on costs or in the United States. We are currently manufactured in the USA, Canada, Costa Rica, and overseas. We do not offer free shipping at this time but we have free mold charges.

  • Die Struck: They are made by die striking, an image is transferred into a blank by using a large press. This creates a custom pin with raised and lower sections for the final free design proof.
  • Custom Soft Enamel Pins: They are unique and are easy to customize the same way except they have raised and lower recessed areas one has texture. Recessed areas are usually filled up to 3/4 up the side walls. This style features lots of options including a durable epoxy fill. Epoxy fill allows the entire surface to be covered. They are budget-friendly and one of our most popular products made with all-metal. Our pins include a sturdy pin-back that is polished to perfection.
  • Custom Hard Enamel Pins: Our highest quality lapel Pin also known as Epola and are smooth to the touch. They are smooth to the touch and have a higher perceived value.
  • Printed and offset printing: The most popular technique for creating a full-color design. They are the best for images where there are no solid lines between colors. We are able to match Pantone colors and we can print your insignia in beautiful full color.


From start to finish bulk orders usually take between one and three weeks to produce. The process of creating your own design can be broken down into four steps. A printed pin style is the fastest to produce and typically takes between two and ten days. Make sure to let us know if you need a fast turnaround.

Soft or hard enameling, cloisonne, and printed styles take around 10 and 14 days to produce. Allow 12 and 21 days for casting pewter or zinc alloy. Our designers have experience and you will get proof to review prior to the production of your order.

  • Approval of digital proof and feel free to modify your metal pin project!
  • Shipping time can range from 1 to 7 days
  • Packaging and shipping

Wholesale pricing available for resale customers

Pricing Is partially based on sizing and the colors you add.

The price for 100 custom lapel pins with a standard clutch back, gold finish, and up to six colors ranges from $325 to $415.00 and prices vary based on your design elements and we can quote your product the same day. Contact our customer service team to learn more.

We offer wholesale pricing to the trade and for resale for any quantity. We have the lowest product cost and we accept all payment options. 

Butterfly clutches and rubber backs are some of the backings available

We have a variety of accessories to select from. Butterfly clutches, rubber backs, and magnets are just some options for you!

Here are the steps to place an order

  • The first step is to contact us and submit your artwork and select the size and shape you would like. Then, decide if you would like to add color. After you have made your selection, our design team will design your custom art proof.
  • After you've decided on the quantity, shape, and metal color, a quick quote will be sent to you.
  • Once you've approved your free quote, production can begin and everything is handmade.
  • Call or email your request and our sales staff is available anytime to answer your questions.

    Organizations that order a customized pin.

    • Artists and experienced designers
    • Law enforcement including police, fire departments, and government offices.
    • Small and large companies
    • Schools and universities
    • Nonprofits and clubs
    • Anyone looking for a factory-direct company
    • Distributors selling promotional products. We offer wholesale prices to Sage, PPAI, and ASI members.

    Your options online are endless when it comes to how to search for a manufacturer to work with. We make it a simple process and we spend time on the phone with you and not just email. We ensure you receive as much time as you need to feel good about your choice in working with the Monterey Company. We have a variety to choose from including USA-made designs.

    Here's what our customers have to say...

    ★★★★★ Micki Byrnes

    We ordered alumni pins for our graduating class and Eric and his team were prompt in all correspondence and worked efficiently to produce a great design and get the pins into production. They arrived quickly and were of high quality. We are so pleased with the product and the experience that we are about to place another order!

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    ★★★★★ Elise Mesnard

    I love them!! They offer such an impressive amount of options and they're super helpful. I've had pins made through them, all highly detailed and so many people have commented on the quality.

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