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Custom Lapel Pins Made With Your Logo

The Monterey Company has been making custom lapel pins for companies, clubs, and events for over 30 years. Above all, we bring your special event to life. We take your logo and transform it into a beautifully branded custom pin.

custom pink cat lapel pin

Hard Enamel

soft enamel bass pro shop pin

Soft Enamel

custom pins: aligator design

2D & 3D

gold die struck metal lapel pin

Die Struck 3D

custom shaped scorpion lapel pin design

Custom Shapes

Bringing Your Ideas To Life

The Monterey team is inspired by your ideas, collaborating with you in customization options including discerning color, shape, and size of your logo. And because you’re included in every step of the process, you can be sure you’re getting all of the quality, without any of the guesswork. We have low minimums starting as low 100 custom logo pins.

Enamel Pin Maker Since 1989

We have been making enamel pins for thirty years. That’s thirty years of taking ideas and crafting them into amazing looking designs. We are staffed with artists and crafters, and we make building your ideas easy and fun.

There Are No Limits To Customizing Pins

Send in your logo, and we will handle the rest! Our designers will work to bring your idea or logo to life. We will ask you questions about the shape, metal finish, color options and enhancement options that you want. As the leading enamel pin maker source online, We guarantee your satisfaction and stand behind all of our products.

Need to order in bulk? No problem! We specialize in creating large wholesale pin orders for companies, events, tradeshows, concerts, and much more. Our art team will help you every step of the process.

Frequently Asked Ordering Question's

How are lapel pins made?

Custom logo pins are made by sketching an idea on paper followed by rendering artwork using graphics software. Part of creating a lapel pin design and fine-tuning a logo by adding color, finish, size, shape and adding backings are part of the process.

The most common metals and styles used are gold, antique copper, and silver. The antique finish has an elegant effect that promotes a timeless aesthetic for any design. If you looking for a certain style, there are a variety of options available - from colors to shapes. With a wide variety of backings including magnets backs and tie bars to high-quality clutches.

For a clean, simple, and stunning creation, die-striking features raised and recessed areas, showcasing the quality of the style you choose. For logos that need a 3-dimensional look and feel, casting offers a classy, intricate, and detailed ways to bring your ideas to life. Highlighting the natural luster of the base metal, these are timeless, quality pieces that will last a lifetime.

We make some of our rush printed pins and enamel styles in the United States. However, our main production is overseas, Canada and Costa Rica for some of our precious metal designs. 

What are they made out of?

  • We use a broad range of base metals and processes when customizing pins. Our metals include bronze, copper, brass, stainless steel, zinc, pewter for anything cast, as well as iron. What you choose depends on your budget and the look you are going for. Normally created using iron as the base metal because the cost of iron is much less than copper or bronze metal. Iron is also a good choice for magnet pins.
  • Created in any size
  • Custom shapes
  • Logo colors can be matched
  • Stock textures 
  • 3D options
  • Shiny or antique finish
  • Base Metals Include: Copper, zinc, pewter, brass, and bronze

How long does it take to make enamel pins?

Production time normally takes 1-3weeks. The process of creating your own pins can be broken down into three steps.

  1. Artwork and design.
  2. Approval of digital proof.
  3. Production times vary depending on the style selected.
  4. Packaging & shipping.

Styles & Lead-Times

  • Printed: The fastest style we make. 2- 10 Days
  • Die Struck: Includes soft and hard enamel as well as cloisonne. 10-14 Days
  • Cast: Made from either pewter or zinc alloy. It can be made with a sculpted 3D look. 12-21 Days depending on your logo.

How much does it cost to make metal lapel pins?

The price for one hundred pieces will cost around $325. That includes a standard clutch, gold finish, and up to six colors. The price will vary base on metals used and the options added. Our minimum order size is 100 pieces. We can make less than the minimum with our solid silver pins.

We offer wholesale lapel pin prices. We work with promo products distributors and resellers looking to help their customers create a custom made lapel pin.

How are they used?

They are a great way for you to promote your brand or special event. They can be customized to include your company colors and personalized with a variety of finishes including gold or silver.

Here are some of the most common uses:

  • Giveaways
  • Tradeshows 
  • Employee Recognition
  • Service Awards
  • And so much more...

You can use custom lapel pins for anything from corporate events to raising awareness about your favorite cause. They can have a professional look or even incorporate a unique image. Wear them on your shirt, bag, uniform and more. The options are endless! As a lapel pin maker, we offer an array of colors, materials, finishes, and shapes. Our process ensures that you get what you want based on the sketch you send us.

Compare our top rated styles

We make custom metal pins in cloisonne, cast, enamel and with printing. We can create logos in 2D or 3D  add enamel color as well.

Compare our Best Pin Styles:

Die striking: is the process in which a logo is transferred into a metal blank using a pneumatic press or in some cases, a hydraulic press is used when a mirror-like finish is needed. A custom lapel pin can also be created by the following methods.

Printing: Printed and offset-printing on a metal substrate is the best type to use when a design is in full-color or when you do not want to have metal lines between the colors. 

Casting: Created using a rubber or metal mold, where either zinc or pewter is melted and poured into a mold. This type is perfect for creating 3D or small cust-outs. This process is also less expensive to make so it often the go-to when creating wholesale pins.

Why choose The Monterey Company?

With years of experience creating logos and custom pins for businesses, teams, events, and individuals, we guarantee the best products you can find online. Our staff is available anytime to answer your questions and we are even open half day on Saturdays to help you with your requests. We offer a quick ship option and fast lead times. With a wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes, you can make your ideas exactly how you want them.

Our Quality Guarantee

We offer a quality guarantee, and ordering is easy! We can send you samples, so you can see for yourself why we are the number one source for having fast production times. Send us your artwork for a free digital proof, and we will create your order in days. FedEx shipping is used for fast lead times. Customized lapel pins are created using only the best metals. Our staff is trained to answer your questions by phone or email feel free to either way of communication works. Requesting a free quote is a great way to get things started.

Who do we work with?

We have a variety of pin types to choose from starting enamel pins custom created in cloisonne and cast types. We make USA made and precious metal pins when you need a recognition pin.

We work with:

  • Artists & designers
  • Small and large companies
  • Nonprofits & clubs
  • Anyone looking for a factory-direct pin maker
  • Distributors selling promo products, We sell wholesale to Sage, PPAI, and ASI members

Steps to placing an order

Start your order by sending us your logo

Creating custom lapel pins begins with your idea, our art department will work with you into turning your ideas into a customized pin. With lots of experience and endless insight, your creation will be nothing short of inspired.

  1. The first step in creating your digital proof is to select the size you would like to create.
  2. The next step is to decide if you would like to add color by deciding on cloisonne, soft or hard enamels. Our team will create your art proof and our friendly customer service will help select the best lapel pin style such as a precious metals pin, offset printed and cast.
  3. After you choose the size and shape, the next step would be to choose the metal color. Our logo pins are made from bronze or iron as the base metal. Antique and satin are perfect for a jewelry-like look. Casting is a great option when there are small cutouts.
  4. Lastly, a quote will be given to you and it will be based on all the options selected and the total quantity to be ordered.
Before and after lapel pin designing

Send us your logo for a free art proof

As a leading lapel pin maker, we can create a product for every occasion. Used to generate brand awareness for businesses, aid in raising awareness for events and causes and can be customized with your logo as a fashion statement. Placing an order is easy! Send us your sketch or logo and we will create a free digital proof for your review.

Ordering Custom Pins Is Simple

custom lapel pins with enamel

Custom lapel pins are crafted by hand, each creating their unique style and feel. We will walk you through each of the steps, ensuring you are getting exactly the design you're looking for. Starting with your idea, one of our artists will help you create an amazing personalized pin. From there, your logo is approved and sent to production. Cast into your base metal or pressed into the metal. Colors and textures added to complete the final piece. Your order is shipped on-time and your order details will be saved until your next order.

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Our Top Rated Styles Logo Pins

years of service lapel pin styles


enamel trading pins styles


round pins with usa design


hard enamel pin styles


Request a quote and speak to your dedicated account manager  

Here's What Our Customers Have To Say

You'll love working with us as we have the best service and nicest quality custom lapel pins. We use industry-leading materials, techniques, and equipment and created to last for years to come. We specialize in large and wholesale orders at a fraction of the cost.

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Ordering is Easy

Three Easy Steps To Ordering a Custom Lapel Pin

contact us

Step One

Send Us Your Logo

Request a quote and send us your logo.

monterey company enamel pin maker designing

Step Two

Approve Your Free Digital Proof

Approve your digital art proof and we will start production.

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Step Three

Production & Shipping

2 to 12 working days plus shipping time.