Custom Lapel Pins

The Monterey Company has been making custom lapel pins for companies, clubs, and events for over 25 years. Above all, we bring your brand or special event to life with products made just for you. Perfect as gifts, symbols of team spirit, or simply a unique memento, We take your logo and transform it into a beautiful design.

custom lapel pins

Lapel Pin Maker

Custom lapel pins can be used for anything from corporate events to raising awareness about your favorite cause. They can have a professional look or even incorporate a more unique design. Wear them on your shirt, bag, uniform and more. The options are endless! As a lapel pin maker, we offer an array of colors, materials, finishes, and shapes to choose from. This ensures that you get exactly what you want based on the design you send in or what we make for you. They can be used for a variety of groups, events, and more.

Custom Pins

Beyond being excellent tools to raise awareness for a cause or promote your business, custom pins are making a comeback in men’s and women’s fashion. A resurgence from the vintage designs of the past, a custom pin can become a statement piece for you and your brand with a vintage look. Using antique-style materials, like our die-struck brass or bronze pieces, are aesthetic, unique, and creative ways to showcase who you are. And by gifting these fashion-pieces within your company and to prospective clientele, you are demonstrating that you approach promotion differently. You are showing that you are can think outside of the traditional box, are inspired by the intersection of the past and the future, and that you’ll bring creativity and ingenuity into your interactions.

lapel pin maker
custom logo lapel pin

Metal Pins Designed With Your Logo

As an enamel pin maker, we design custom pins that are beautiful and unique - bringing fun to your business, event or fund-raiser. Whether you have a business logo and artwork in mind, we will help you make something that will last for ages! Increase company pride, commemorate a special event, or even as rewards for your sports team. If you can dream it, we can make it!n Not sure what you want? Send us a message to have our skilled designers work directly with you! We offer two main enamel pin types, soft and hard enamel pins. We can also print logos in full color.

We Offer Bulk Pin Pricing

Send in your design and we will handle the rest! Our designers will work to bring your idea or logo to life. We will ask you questions about the cut, shape, and finish that you want to ensure that you get the perfect concept for you. As the leading lapel pin maker source online, we at The Monterey company guarantee your satisfaction and stand behind all of our products. Our customers love their finished product! Need to order in bulk? No problem! We do large orders for companies, events, tradeshows, concerts, and much more. Our team will help you every step of the way your lapel pin design.

Nonprofit Discounts

Lapel pins have been used as a way to promote a business, a nonprofit, or a cause, to demonstrate support for something with which you’re affiliated, to commemorate a trip or particular experience, or to be worn as a fashion statement. And it’s never been easier to customize these classic statement pieces, adding your personal flair, logo, or design to a lapel pin style, creating timeless pieces that are both thoughtful and unique to you.

bulk lapel pins

How Are Custom Logo Pins Made

Custom logo pins are crafted with many different techniques, each creating their own unique style, look, and feel. When you work with the Monterey Company, we work with you through each of the steps, ensuring you are getting exactly the product you’re after. Starting with your idea, we enlist the help of one of our talented artists to help you customize your request. From there, your design is approved and sent to production, either cast into your base metal or pressed with your brand or logo, with colors and textures added to complete the pin’s finish. After production, your order is shipped and your design is saved until you’re ready for your next order.

soft enamel custom pin

Soft Enamel

This style has and embossed feel with raised metal and recessed color.

hard enamel pin in custom shape

Hard Enamel

Smooth to the touch and has a durable enamel finish.

We Make Lapel Pins in Any Shape or Size

The Monterey Company is an industry leading custom enamel pin maker, crafting custom lapel pins for every occasion. The designs we create act as promotional products for companies, are used to generate brand awareness for businesses, aid in raising awareness for events and causes, and can be even customized with your design as fashion statement pieces.

High Quality Custom Lapel Pin Maker

We work with artists, small companies, corporate clients as well as non-profits anyone looking for a pin maker. We offer a quality guarantee and ordering is easy! We can send you samples of our work, so you can get an idea of our quality and great service. Send us your artwork for a free design proof and we will create your design in days. We offer FedEx shipping for fast production times. Our custom lapel pins are made using only the quality base metals. Give us a call and see for yourself. Our staff is trained to answer your questions when you call or feel free to email us as well for a free quote.

Customized Pins for Business Promotion

Logo pins have been used for decades to generate awareness for whatever is displayed on their pin faces. Using this idea, businesses have been adorning pins with their logos and messaging as a way to promote their businesses, creating impressions with every interaction. These custom lapel pins can be designed to explicitly showcase logos and brands, with your company’s name or logo front and center, or can be crafted with unique, funny, or provocative, acting as a conversation starter for your company.

Made With Your Logo Design

If your company is looking for the best service and the highest quality custom pins, then you’ll love working with the Monterey Company. Using industry leading materials, techniques, and equipment, your custom logo pins will be made to last, sitting proudly on you, your employees, and your clientele’s lapels for years to come.

die struck pins

Die Struck Pins

Made with or without color and can be antiqued or made with a shiny gold or silver finish.

cloisonne custom pin

Cloisonne Pins

This style has a glass-like finish and are considered the highest quality pin style.

Die Struck & Cast Pins

For a clean, simple, and stunning design, die-struck pins feature raised and recessed areas for your logo, showcasing the quality of the base metal you choose. These are classic designs that won’t ever go out of style.

For designs best depicted with a 3-dimensional look and feel, cast pins are classy, intricate, and detailed ways to bring your ideas to life. Highlighting the natural luster of the pin’s base metal, these are timeless, quality pieces that will last a lifetime.

custom pins with logo
2d vs 3d custom pin design

2D vs 3D Design

3D adds a three-dimensional look and feel vs a two-dimensional pin.

cast pin dragon

Casting Pins

When you need extra details in your pin design, casting offers you the best way to have 3D detail at wholesale pin pricing.

Need a Design Made in a Hurry?

We get it, sometimes life happens and you just need your order rushed. We have full color printed pin options that can be expedited to fill your order fast. We offer a quick ship on our trading pins that can be rushed for your game or team event. 

rush lapel pins

Rush Orders

Need your order yesterday? We have custom pin that we can make in just a few days!

custom made lapel pins

Simple Printing & Full Color Printing

The style allows for a full-color design without the traditional metal lines that would normally separate each color.

printed peace sign pin

Printed Pins

Showcasing colorful or complex styles, printed pins and offset print designs display your image against a smooth background, boldly demonstrating your brand or logo. These are statement pieces that are sure to be noticed near and far.

Showcasing colorful or complex designs better than any other style, printed pins styles display your image against a smooth background, boldly demonstrating your brand or logo. These are statement pieces that are sure to be noticed near and far.

Custom Made Pins With Your Logo

The sky's the limit when making custom pins from scratch. Send us your Ideas by requesting a free design proof and contact our friendly customer service for a free quote today!


custom pins

Turning Your Idea into a Customized Pin

Creating a customized pin begins with your idea. Starting as a promotional concept or an image that speaks to you, you and your Monterey Company designer will collaborate in turning ideas into actionable plans. With their years of experience and endless insight, your creation will be nothing short of inspired.

pin design

Extra Features: Metal Plating and Enhancements

  • We use a broad range of base metals and processes; including bronze, copper, brass, stainless steel, zinc, pewter for our cast pins, and iron in creating custom lapel pins. What you choose depends on your budget and the look you are going for. As a pin maker, our products can be finished in gold, silver, or copper or any of our standard platings.
  • At the Monterey Company, we have made millions of designs for companies. We have a variety of types to choose from and we will walk you through the best plating, enamel, and options including precious metals for your design.
custom pin on a guitar

There are just a few steps to creating your design

Custom Pins can be personalized and made into any shape or size. They are made by die striking metal or casting a metal alloy like zinc or pewter. Personalized designs can include matching colors to your logo. All of our custom made lapel pins can be plated in a shiny and antique finish. Furthermore, logos can be made into 2D or into three-dimensional shapes. The perfect custom made pins can be made in days and there are a few details to consider, including your event, planned usage, and your existing logo design. Our sales team will provide you with all of your options including enamel colors and plating options.

Wholesale Custom Lapel Pins

At the Monterey Company, we readily accommodate large and wholesale orders, offering you high-quality products at a fraction of the cost. Work with a member of our staff to craft a design that fits your needs and your budget today.

Custom lapel pins are a great way for your company to promote your brand or special event. They can be customized to include your company colors and personalized with a variety of finishes including gold or silver. They can be made for company giveaways, tradeshows, employee recognition and for service awards. We offer wholesale prices as an ASI pin supplier. We work with promotional products distributors and resellers looking to help their customers design and make metal pins.

Customized With Your Logo

If you’re looking for the best services and highest quality customized lapel pins, then you’ll love bringing your ideas to life with the Monterey Company! With over 25 years of experience creating designs for businesses, teams, events, and individuals, we guarantee the best products you can find online. Ordering is easy, simply send in your design or artwork and our designers will personalize it for you. Give the Monterey Company a call feel free to request a free art proof! Our staff is available anytime to answer your questions and we are even open half day on Saturdays to help you with your requests. We offer a quick ship option and fast production times.

custom lapel pin maker

Although the ways in which you can customize your design are nearly endless, including which colors, textures, finishes, and backings you’re after, the basic styles are enamel, die-struck, printed, and cast pins.

  • Designs can be made in any size
  • Custom Shapes
  • Unique colors
  • Stylish textures and finishes
  • 2D or 3D options
  • Shiny or antique look
  • Copper, zinc, metal, pewter, and more

Options Sizes & Shapes

The opportunities are endless! Personalized pins are a great way to show your team that you care - and create something that can last for ages. With a wide variety of types, colors, textures, and finishes, you can make your design exactly how you want them. Looking for enamel pins in a certain style?  There are so many options available - from colors to shapes, to plating choices. With a wide variety of attachments including magnets backs and tie bars to a high-quality backing. 

Why should you choose The Monterey Company?

The Monterey Company has been in the custom lapel pin making business for thirty years. That’s thirty years of taking ideas and crafting them into statement pieces made just for you and your business. Staffed with designers, artists, and crafters, the Monterey Company makes building your custom lapel pins easy and fun.

Here Are Some of Our Customers

We Will Create a Free Art Design!

The Monterey team is inspired by your ideas, drafting designs, collaborating with you in customization options including discerning color, shape, size, and style - all while working with your budget. And because you’re included in every step of the process, you can be sure you’re getting all of the quality, without any of the guesswork.

designing custom lapel pins

Creating Your Custom Lapel Pin Artwork

  • The first step in creating your lapel pin design is to select the size you would like to create.
  • Next step is to select the enamel type you would like. Designs can use hard enamel, soft enamel, cloisonné or no enamel. Our team will create your logo and our friendly customer service will help select the best pin type including precious metals, trading pins, offset printed pins, and cast metal pins.
  • After you choose the size and shape for your custom lapel pins, you just need to choose the finish. Most of our products are made from bronze or iron as the base metal. Plating & finish options include shiny gold, silver, copper, bronze, pewter, antique finish and satin for a jewelry-like finish. After we review your design we can decide if we should die struck your design or cast it. Casting is a great option when it there are small cutouts.
  • Finally, a quote will be given to you and it will be based on all the options selected and the total quantity to be ordered.

Here's What Our Customers Have To Say!

These guys are Great! I had a really good experience with them. Eric helped me out all the way from start to finish & met the lead time i needed them within which was in very little time and they came in such good details. Great pin work. ~kevin

I've been dealing with the Monterey Company for a number of years now and have always been EXTREMELY happy with their wonderful products and wonderful service. This is as good as it gets, folks -- truly top-notch attention to quality and detail. Monterey will always be my go-to company for metal pins and other specialty items. Their work is just fantastic. ~Jon