Baseball Trading Pins

Designed in soft enamel or printed pin styles

Custom baseball pins are made to order and are made with your team logo. Made with soft enamel color or our most popular printed pin style. Since they are custom designed that can be made in any shape or size. Add blinkies, sliders, glitter or bobbleheads to your design. We can create free art designs and we offer rush orders as well.

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Baseball Team Pins Made In Days

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Are you looking for trading pins for your team?

Besides the game of baseball itself, trading baseball cards have long been an American tradition and hobby. Recently, another new tradition has evolved: The popularity of collecting baseball trading pins (as well as softball pins) is growing at a fastball pace. There’s nothing like custom team pins to show team pride and individual personality.

When is Baseball Trading Season?

Starting April 1st, it is once again baseball season. Besides hot dogs, baseball caps and foam fingers, another popular and ambitious tradition baseball season brings is the trading of teams lapel pins. Besides representing your team's spirit and passion, custom baseball trading pins also represent the enthusiasm and skill your team contributes to the game. Our pins will have you breaking out the hot dogs and team spirit in no time and before you know it, you’ll be yelling, “play ball!”

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Let us us design your next team pin

Here at Monterey Company, we offer our baseball fans everything they need to create a truly unique and unique team pin. Our customizing options can help you add some style and pop to your baseball trading pin to make sure it is a true must-trade item! Designing your very own custom baseball pins with the help of our creative team of artists and designers can be a lot of fun. If you have sketches of your pin concept, we can work with them directly to ensure that your original vision gets made into reality. Or if you prefer, you can give us a detailed description of your lapel pin concept and our creative team can come up with several design ideas, modifying them as we go along until we arrive at the one that feels just right to you.

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Did you know baseball trading pins come in two popular styles?

Baseball trading pins can be made as a printed pin style and logos can be reproduced without metal lines separating out the colors. These pins are lighter weight as well and will not hang on your shirt like a 5lb. weight. Printed trading pins are also the best option if you are in a hurry as these pins can be rushed much quicker than are embossed trading pins.

The second option for creating a custom baseball pin is using an embossed pin style with a thin layer of epoxy. These pins will have a metal line separating out each color and will be much heavier than a printed trading pin. The additional weight may give these pins a higher perceived value to some pin traders.

New to the field? Don’t worry about it. Whether you are big league or little league, The Monterey Company is here to help you create the custom baseball trading pin of your dreams, satisfaction guaranteed. We want to get to know the style of your team and help you encourage and accentuate it using design and spirit that is entirely unique to your players. With up to six added colors at no extra charge and limitless design options, we truly allow you to build your aesthetic potential and team spirit for a winning season.


Little league baseball pins come in all sizes

Little league pins come in all shapes and sizes and each is unique to their own variety. Whether you decide to create your pin using a soft enamel technique, die struck or different desirable technique, our team at The Monterey Company will work with yours to create a pin design for your baseball team that is both captivating and individual. Creating your trading pin using a soft enamel lapel pin technique can be striking and playful. Using the bold characteristics and unique shape of your choice of metal, colors can be added to the pin to exaggerate your pins custom features and create a look that is sure to stand out. These pins also allow the option to fill in any metal lines on the pin color completely so that your logo and icon can utilize the full image of the lapel pin. Soft enamel pins can be perfect if your team is little league, or if your team has particular colors.


 Sample Custom Baseball Trading Pins

Design Enhancements

Accessorize your team's design. Besides the design and shape your pin takes, various other features can be added to create an appeal that stands out further than metal or color. For example, adding glitter to your custom baseball trading pin will help catch the public’s eye and spark additional interest in passerby’s. Whether reflecting off sunlight or indoor lights, glitter causes your pin to outshine other teams and create a sporty and memorable design that will cause your pin and team to be sought after by baseball fans across the board. Another fun and eye-catching addition to your custom baseball trading pin is blinkie lights. Blinkie lights are tiny bulbs that flash appealingly and can be placed anywhere on your pin. They are a great source of public recognition and offer variety and notability that metal and color do not. Other accessories include danglers, sliders, and spinners. All of these options allow for unique variety and bold appeal that encourage the attention your teams’ adamant passion and hard-earned skill deserves.

Our Best Options For Your Team Pin


Blinkies are tiny battery powered lights that flash from a certain part of the pin. These are very helpful for catching attention and getting the viewer to think about the pin. Blinkies are a classic pin accessory that will never go out of style and will always be sure to get your pins noticed. Although similar to blinkies, glitter is another pin accessory that is very popular in many different styles of pins. Glitter can be used as a fun attention grabber or a classy addition to any pin. Glitter can be placed anywhere and is one of the less expensive –yet still mesmerizing options for pin accessories.


Danglers and sliders are both moving pin accessories. Generally attached by a metal link, danglers are a great way to tie in different visual parts of your pin. For example, danglers are perfect for linking a business name to a company image. This creates a very smooth transition that is very noticeable and tasteful. Sliders are similar to danglers but are most often used in trading pins for sports teams. These pin accessories are a great way to catch everyone’s attention. Sliders are triggered via the back of the pin where you can move around a piece on the front of the pin. Whether this piece is years, a ball or a name, sliders are an excellent way to make your pins look high tech.

Is Cloisonne An Option?

What about cloisonne as an option?  We would never offer this choice as the lead levels in cloisonne are not acceptable for kids. This is why we offer the two baseball pin styles above and not cloisonne. Trading pins can be created in as little as 10 days and rush orders are our specialty.

Our Custom Baseball Pins Include:
*FREE artwork and design proof
*FREE die charge & setup
*FREE color – up to 6 colors at no additional charge
*FREE shipping
*FAST Production – Ready to ship within 10 working days or less

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The Monterey Company believes in the complete satisfaction of our customers. That’s why your pins or product from us will always arrive on time, packaged carefully and designed skillfully. We promise to never let you be disappointed with your final purchase and to always provide excellent customer service, quality products, and great prices. We wish you success on the field and look forward to doing business with you!