The Top 4 Benefits of Buying and Selling Custom Socks

June 11, 2024

Small businesses or individuals alike always want to be able to put their best foot forward. And what better way to do that than to have those feet in customized socks with your design? Custom socks are definitely not the average choice nor are they the first when it comes to budget compared to keychains or pins. However, going the extra mile for your brand can truly show the care and effort that you want to put towards your mission statement, whatever that may be.

Higher Quality

We sell all kinds of promotional items, but that means that we sell a lot of the same promotional items. Keychains, coins, pins, those are all recognizable promos that everyone has either given or received at some point in their career. However, when was the last time you were given customized socks? They’re few and far between, save possibly if you’re the kind of family to gift socks on holidays. Socks already stand out by being completely different from your standard gifts. This makes your socks already feel like a higher-quality promotional product. And folks are willing to give more money for a seemingly higher-value item.

Brand Visibility

We all have places to be in not a lot of time, and some custom items are just easily lost or misplaced. Socks though are one of the most useful items that you can receive simply because they are such a useful item to receive. We use socks when we travel, when we’re working out, or when we’re getting cozy in bed and want to stay warm. Wherever they go, your brand goes with them. And that means anyone anywhere could see your logo! The more people see your brand, the better chance your company will be recognized in the long term.

Unique Combinations

sock packaging

You can create socks that marry with your brand’s image. If you are wanting to make a more formal business, you can easily make a more muted color pair of socks for a more muted combination. Or you can do the exact reverse and make your socks a splash of color! We love being able to add a business’s personality as well as their quality to our audience.

It’s not just color that you can combine either. You can also combine different base materials of your custom socks like synthetic fibers, cotton, and wool. By going with different combinations of materials, you can create quality socks that are also budget friendly for you and your clientele.

Ideal Return of Investment

The whole point of a business is to take risks, but that is always terrifying. Businesses invest a lot of effort into making a new product launch without a solid guarantee of return. Fortunately, socks are a far less risky jump, as socks have a higher probability of actually selling. The more likely you are to sell, the better return on your investment.

How To Customize Your Socks

Select Your Sock Style

Custom socks come in a variety of different lengths and materials. In order to be the most successful sock salesperson, we encourage you not to overthink it. Take a look at your competitors, then we can help you make a better decision on what material and length you want your custom socks to be. Whatever your audience is most familiar with combined with what they are most interested in having on their socks beyond that is an essential part of picking your style.

Logo Location

When making your custom socks, make sure that you put your logo in the best location for your product. We want to be able to see our brand’s colors whenever your socks are being worn. That doesn’t mean that you have to smother the sock in your logo, we can make sure that there is enough space between your design to make the socks look trendy and high value.

Keep it Simple

More than anything, you want to make sure your socks are cohesive. Your brand has an image that you want to maintain for whatever demographic you are advertising to. So we won’t want to push into a rainbow of color unless that’s your brand. And even then, you unfortunately won’t be able to have a full rainbow without a heavy hit to your budget. The closer you can marry your logo and colors together on your socks, the better they will ultimately sell. It shows an amount of care went into making your socks, and your clientele will see it.