You Should Always Invest in Your Socks – Here’s Why

February 29, 2024

The average person wears socks more than 70% of the year, and typically, an ordinary pair of socks lasts about 6 months before needing to be replaced. It’s easy to go out and snag a pair of inexpensive socks during your next trip to the store, but here’s why it may be best to think twice about that quick purchase and invest in a more expensive pair of socks. Check out our socks page for more information on what we can produce.

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What Makes A Good Sock?


Materials are the first thing to consider when buying a new pair of socks. Different materials, like cotton or wool, tend to offer moisture control, breathability, and temperature regulation. These organic materials can up the price of a pair of socks, but they typically provide more comfort and durability than synthetic or man-made materials like polyester, which may be cheaper but can lack moisture control and insulation.

1. Sock Construction

While good materials are the base of every sock, good construction takes one pair of customized socks to the next level. You can choose between socks by just length and fit, but socks with extra cushioning, arch support, or seamless toes could start climbing in price since these additional construction design choices add to the functionality (and comfort) of a good sock.

2. Brand

Brand names typically influence the price of a product—that’s just how it is! But it’s important to remember that more expensive does not always mean better. Some of these luxury sock brands may show wear in just a few months, so it’s crucial to see if the price is backed by performance, durability, and comfort.

3. Sock Customization

Customization tends to add cost to any product, and custom socks are included! We can bring your ideas to life with colors, graphics, and any further personalization you might want, but it’s important to keep in mind that these things lead to a higher price per sock!

Why You Should Invest In Your Socks

Quality Socks Last Longer

Cheaper socks made with cheaper materials might last around 6 months, but a more expensive sock may last upwards of a year or more! If you’re a consistent sock-wearer, it’s worth considering how many pairs of socks you’ve had to toss after they’ve developed holes. Socks of good quality will last longer, which will help your wallet and the planet, which might be reason enough for some!

Quality Socks are Comfier

A good pair of socks should provide so much comfort to your feet that you forget they’re there. You don’t want to go through your day thinking about how your socks are feeling or slipping down on your feet, and cheap socks might not only be uncomfortable, but they can cause blisters, calluses, and even rashes. Finding a sock in a material like wool, which tends to be a favorite as it regulates temperature in all seasons, is naturally antimicrobial, and has a lot of cushion, will benefit you in the long run. 

When Investing In Your Socks Make Sense

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If you’re looking to buy socks for a specific purpose, like hiking or skiing, it’s important to buy a pair that is specifically made for those activities—and that can come at a higher price. But if you can invest in a good pair of socks for everyday wear, we believe it always makes sense. The average person spends around 56% of their day standing or walking, and if you wear socks, you want to be comfortable! 
We’re here to help you find the perfect sock to fit your needs, regardless of activity! Head to Monterey Promo to find your next favorite pair of socks.